It's Time For Online Voter Registration

An all too common statement we heard last year in various cities in Texas while talking to voters was, "I'll just register to vote online."


Not all Texans may know this but Texas is one of just 10 states left that does NOT offer online voter registration. Back in May of 2018, a court ruled that Texas stood in violation of the Motor Voter Act and the Constitution’s Equal Protection Clause and that Texas needed to implement online voter registration (OVR) to get in compliance. Rather than bolster eligible Texans’ path to the ballot box, state officials have, for too long, sought to stall modernizing our voter registration process via appeals and court battles. All this work against the voters of Texas.

ACTION for 1/14/2019:


We know that OVR is convenient for voters AND more cost effective. 40 other states + DC have this form of registration in place. It's long past time for Texas to catch up to the rest of the nation and bring online voter registration to Texas voters this legislative session.

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Call your representatives and senators in the Texas Legislature and tell them to make online voter registration law! When calling your state rep, urge them to get behind HB 361 and HB 79 - two bills both aimed at making OVR a reality in our home state!

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