National Voter Registration Day!

Happy National Voter Registration Day!

TPAN is down at Fantastic Fest later this morning registering voters until 1pm!

Help your friends and family out and remind them of this important info:

  • Texas does not have true online voter registration (boo!). You can visit to request a form but you will still be responsible for mailing that form in to complete your registration. **You can also usually find these forms at your local post office and most public libraries!

  • The deadline to get registered or to update your registration (did you move?) is OCTOBER 9TH. Clock is ticking so if you want to vote this November (and EVERYONE NEEDS TO VOTE THIS NOVEMBER!) then visit and get it done today.

  • Early voting starts October 22nd and goes until November 2nd.

  • Deadline to request a mail-in ballot is October 26th.

  • Visit our Voter Hub for lots of other helpful resources!

  • Take a few minutes and tell us why you’re voting this November! Let’s take that message across the state and encourage everyone to BE A TEXAS VOTER!