The Voting Rights Fight Continues

On this historic anniversary for our country, Congress should move swiftly to restore the lost promise of the Voting Rights Act.

"The VRA was enacted with strong bipartisan support, and Congress has reauthorized it four times. During the last reauthorization, in 2006, Congress examined thousands of pages of evidence showing that discrimination still exists and the Act was still vital. The Senate voted 98-0, and the House 390-33, to continue it for another 25 years.

Despite all this, some opponents have been skeptical of the ongoing need for these protections in the current day. And in 2013, with the support of the Supreme Court, they succeeded. The Court struck down Section 4, the formula laying out which jurisdictions had to seek federal approval for election law changes, rendering Section 5 inoperable — like a computer without an operating system."

Read the 2015 piece from the Brennan Center: 50 Years Later, Voting Rights Act Under Unprecedented Assault
Take action with the League of Women Voters and send a message to your representatives in Congress calling on them to restore the voting rights act!  Click below: 

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