Take Action: DPS May Close 87 Local Driver License Offices

An important #actionitem to get done as soon as you can (takes 2 minutes). 

The Texas Sunset Advisory Commission will meet next week to consider the efficiency of local driver license offices.  The Texas Department of Public Safety is recommending closing 87 of those offices, including what would be the only office in 78 counties.

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Please note that the obvious problems with stripping some Texans of a driver license office in their vicinity (some people would lose the only office in their county) is one of mobility and one that could very well impact their path to voting. A DPS issued driver license or a DPS issued personal ID card are at the very top of the list when it comes to acceptable forms of ID according to state law. 

Let's not make the path to voting any harder for any Texan than it may already be. 

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