Send Democracy Dollars To The Ballot

Austin, Texas

We are encouraging everyone to join us in contacting Mayor Adler and your Council Member to urge them to put Democracy Dollars on the ballot this November.

It is so important that we act NOW so that the chance to bring this program to the people of Austin doesn't slip away.  Because of the way Texas cities must proceed in adopting charter amendments, it could be at least 2 years before Austin might have this opportunity again. 
What we seek is the chance to let Austin voters decide and not have to wait.  Our City Council needs to either put the Dem Dollars amendment on the November 2018 ballot or push all charter amendments to an election in 2019.

We know that #DemDollars can change the way money shapes our local politics and that it can elevate the voices of regular voters in our city.  It will bring more of us to the table and Austin voters deserve to have their say. 

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Visit below to learn more about Democracy Dollars, to take action and then to SHARE!  #LetAustinVote

See the report on the inequity in Austin with regards to campaign financing entitled, "Fault Lines." 

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