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Throughout the course of the year TPAN raises funds for other organizations and their efforts but summertime is when we ask for donations to go towards the voter resources WE work to provide and our low operating costs. 

TPAN is a volunteer led organization so the money we raise goes entirely towards things like printing costs, voter materials and annual site maintenance.  That's it. 

Any little bit you'd like to pitch in towards our efforts is always greatly appreciated!  Please join us in making a donation here:

* Also, as we start gearing up for some heavy advocacy work in the upcoming state legislative session, please contact us if you would like to join our Slack working group or would like to organize around a particular issue!  
* Calls to action are always shared across all platforms (in other words, being in our Slack group is not necessary to be a team advocate with us) but the Slack workspace will be a place to get really focused on the core issues we'll be looking at for the 86th Legislative Session.  Ideally the Slack group is for advocates ready to potentially take lead roles in TPAN. 

Thank you for all that you do!
Valerie Street

Texas Progressive Action Network

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