Let Austin Vote: Democracy Dollars

Tomorrow we'll be tuning in to hear from campaign finance experts as they go live with a report from Equity Austin and Common Cause Texas that examines the inequities of Austin's campaign finance system.  They'll also be discussing how a public financing program (Democracy Dollars) could change all of that. 

Join us for this Facebook Live event Thursday at 10:30am CT HERE!

Currently, 71% of all contributions come from only the wealthiest Austinites, and policy bends
towards those who fund campaigns.  Candidates end up having to spend entirely too much time calling on wealthy donors instead of spending time in their districts hearing from the diverse communities they are striving to represent.  A program like Democracy Dollars makes sure every voice is heard.

Add to that the fact that there are plenty of qualified Austin residents who could serve in local government but lack of personal wealth and access to rich networks are road blocks often too big to cross.  Simply put: Democracy Dollars allows more qualified candidates to RUN!

Every eligible Austin resident would receive two $25 vouchers to support the candidates of their choice.  The program would apply to Austin Mayoral and City Council races and candidates who participate must abide by campaign laws, limit spending and take no PAC money.  They would also participate in at least three public candidate forums for general and runoff elections. 

Learn more about the Democracy Dollars program and why it's so important right now at Equity Austin. 

We also need an Independent Ethics Commission (IEC) that is free of Council influence.  Our current Ethics Commission is comprised of members that are appointed by Austin City Council.  An IEC would impartially and effectively administer and enforce all city laws relating to
campaign finance, campaign disclosures, conflicts of interest, financial statement disclosure,
lobbyist regulations, revolving door, disqualification of members of city boards, certain conflict
of interest and ethics laws, and other responsibilities. 

Read the Austin Charter Review Commission's proposed amendments HERE

Texas Progressive Action Network supports Democracy Dollars and an Independent Ethics Commission in Austin, Texas.  It's time for Austin voters to have their say but we need your help. 
Contact your City Council representative to let them know we want to see this on the November ballot!  Let Austin vote!