Stand Against Gerrymandering

Today's #CallToAction comes by way of Honest Elections for Texans:

The SCOTUS just declined to make a ruling on the partisan gerrymandering case (Gill v Whitford) out of Wisconsin for standing reasons.

Since the Texas Legislature is out of session, we are wanting to bring attention to federal legislation that would fix gerrymandering.

Call your Member of Congress and urge them to pledge their support against partisan gerrymandering by co-sponsoring this legislation.

Bills to support:
HR 1102 Redistricting Reform Act (62 co-sponsors). This bill would require each state to create an independent redistricting commission to redistrict US Congressional Districts.

HR 713 Redistricting Transparency Act. This bill would require public hearings to be held during redistricting and allow for the public to participate in the map-drawing process.

HR 2978 Voting Rights Advancement Act. In 2013, SCOTUS gutted Section V of the Voting Rights Act. Congress should have immediately made updates, outlined by this legislation, but that never happened. This is a huge loophole that needs to be closed before the next round of redistricting in 2021, or the state will take racial gerrymandering to the next level and use "partisan gerrymandering" as an excuse to discriminate.

And please sign the petition for fair maps!