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Today's #calltoaction comes by way of Honest Elections for Texans:

What can you do today to help make a difference in redistricting? Tell your friends to support the Voting Rights Advancement Act.

In Shelby County v. Holder (2013), the Supreme Court rolled back protections on the Voting Rights Act. They found that the formula used to determine which jurisdictions needed federal oversight when making changes to their election laws (including changes in legislative maps) was outdated.

Congress should have immediately passed updated criteria for that formula, but that never happened, and this has set a dangerous precedent for discrimination. Many states have gone on to pass restrictive voting laws that have created barriers to participation, especially for minority groups. It is our responsibility to make common-sense updates to the VRA so that eligible Americans can register, vote, and have their voices heard. Please encourage others to support the Voting Rights Advancement Act.

For a better understanding of the ramifications of Shelby County v Holder in Texas redistricting, check out Justin Levitt's blog post below. Please keep in mind that the 2011 maps drafted by the TX Lege never received preclearance, and the DOJ sued the state in 2012 to prevent the maps from taking effect.

Please contact your representatives in Congress (and encourage friends to do the same!) and tell them it's long past time to pass the Voting Rights Advancement Act!

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