Online Voter Registration In Texas

Today, a federal judge ruled that Texas has a 45 day timeline to implement online voter registration for Texans who are updating their driver's license information online.  

This is a necessary step in bringing about much needed, long overdue updates to our voter registration system here in Texas. 

The state has argued that its practice of directing drivers to the Secretary of State’s website when they indicate they are interested in registering to vote is sufficient.  (Eligible voters are directed from there to print off paperwork to register and mail in.) 
However the judge, U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia, ruled that this effort does not do enough and that Texas is still in violation of the Motor Voter Act, as well as the Constitution’s Equal Protection Clause.

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Last week, the state was asked to propose a solution for this case and instead chose to dispute the court's ruling as well as criticize the solution proposed by civil rights group, Texas Civil Rights Project. 

We are pleased to see a path for progress set and grateful to the work of Texas Civil Rights Project for pushing for a public education plan as well, to make sure Texans know about any new changes to the voter registration process.  While we expect that this battle is not yet won, we are hopeful that a state working to boost ballot box access to its eligible voting population is not too wild a dream for Texas in the near future. 

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