March For Our Lives - Statement of Support

Texas Progressive Action Network gives our support to March For Our Lives and encourages Texans to take part in the March 24th demonstrations scheduled in various parts of Texas as well as around the nation.  

We understand that protest is about raising and maintaining the visibility of important issues, and that when students and their allies take this message to the streets we can mobilize a growing base to push for positive change. 

The issue of school shootings and gun violence cannot be a partisan issue.  It is a public health concern.  It is a community safety concern.  We must come together and work for common sense solutions that keep all of our children and all of our communities alive and well. 

While it is important to call upon Congress to repeal the Dickey Amendment to help pave the way for more fact driven research on gun violence, and we must do so, we also already know that strong, smart gun policies help save lives.  Here in Texas, we can strengthen the background check system and move to close the gun show loophole.  We know that background checks are one of the most effective tools we have to reduce the number of gun deaths in the U.S.

Moreover, we must work to elevate voices and advocates that have been consistently muted by others over the course of generations in the quest to reduce gun violence and defeat policies that disproportionately target black students and communities of color.  Nor can we forget the impact that gun violence continues to have on LGBTQ lives in the U.S. as well as victims of domestic abuse.  We will not support, nor can we move forward on proposed solutions that would further jeopardize our students and citizens, or that would leave anyone behind.  

It is time for our lawmakers in Congress to enact changes that combat this public health risk.  Our state and local officials must also pull together to make our schools and our communities safer. 

Lastly, we must continue to advocate for those who can no longer advocate for themselves because their voices were silenced by gun violence.  Let us make true and lasting the powerful declaration: “Never again.”