Sensible People For Sensible Gun Laws

Please be mindful of the decisions we make at the ballot box when it comes to moments like yesterday, like today. 

If we are as devastated and fed up as we say we are when it comes to senseless mass shootings and gun deaths (and I believe we are), then we have to take that into consideration when going to cast our votes.  We have to think full picture.  Do you know where your member of Congress stands in the sensible gun laws debate?  Does your Representative or Senator consistently vote against common sense measures that we need in this country today?  Do you know what reforms are currently being sought? 

These are all the things that we have to start getting to the bottom of because if it turns out we're continuing to vote for people who do nothing to address this problem, we're contributing to the prevalence of the problem. 

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and Everytown for Gun Safety.  I recommend you get involved with those 2 organizations and start thinking about what ballot box decisions YOU can make to address this problem.  Let's do our part, and then make Congress do theirs.

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