Support Earned Paid Sick Days for Austin Workers

From the Center For Public Policy Priorities

Everyone gets sick, but not everyone can afford to take time off work. Without paid sick days, working families have to make impossible choices between their jobs and their family’s health. That’s why it’s so important that Austin City Council pass an earned paid sick days ordinance on February 15 that would give over 200,000 workers in Austin the ability to earn paid sick days at their jobs.

Call your council member at (833) 417-4260. Tell them you want them to support the paid sick days proposal by Council Members Casar, Garza, Kitchen, and Mayor Pro Tem Tovo that benefits Austin workers. Here’s a script: 

“My name is _________, and I'm calling today to encourage you to vote YES on item #49, which would give over 200,000 people in Austin the ability to earn paid sick days at their jobs. Please vote YES on this measure when it comes up for a vote. Thank you." 

We've heard that opponents of this measure want to delay the vote on February 15 or substitute a watered down version. We hope you can join us at Austin City Hall on Feb. 15 at 6 pm to show our council members we want paid sick days for all workers now. 

Find more info and RSVP here, and read the proposed ordinance here.

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