Quick Note Of Thanks

Texas voters.
Thank you for making your voices heard in this critical election. You showed up in big numbers and it’s that kind of democracy in action that lights a fire under us to keep the work going!

And that work must keep going because while we broke records this go around, there are still Texas voters we need to reach. The work of voter education and mobilization is ongoing - that’s the job. A Texas in which her citizens have and seize the opportunity to be heard at the ballot box every chance we get is the hope and we’ll get there.

Young voters.
I'm talking to the students.
YOU WERE ON FIRE yesterday and all through the early voting in Texas. From the Prairie View A&M students who took legal action for their voter rights and then staged a mass walkout from class on Election Day to go vote...to the Huston Tillotson students who conducted a formal march to the polls yesterday....to the TSU students who took legal action to get polling location access they so badly needed (and waited in line for hours for)....to all the individual young people that I have known and watched over the course of this season we're in.
I've watched you seize the reigns and run and storm the castle gates (so to speak) and all I can say is You Knock Me Out.

Please keep on keeping on. You are the greatest part of all this.

There were some major moments yesterday that deserve to be celebrated big time. No matter your party, to paraphrase a TPAN board member: A US House of Representatives that looks more like America for the first time in a long time. More women. Women of color. Fresh faces that have the opportunity to evolve that chamber. Leaders of a new day.

And it’s also worth noting the addition of new voices to our state legislature. It’s time to prioritize redistricting reform and public education and modernized voter registration and quality healthcare and smart gun laws and so many other things on the docket because they’re good for Texas. Let’s value these things out loud.

The summary of this quick note is this: Always vote. And thank you Texas, because you did.
Here we go.