Fight For Our Immigrant Community

From Daily Action:

The White House administration just announced an end to Temporary Protected Status for nearly 200,000 people from El Salvador. Let's help ensure families are not ripped apart and sent back to nations devastated by disasters, conflict, and genocide.

This action is an escalation of the the administration's cruel and intentional attacks on immigrants. Since the president ended the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program last September, more than 14,000 have lost their DACA status, and 122 Dreamers lose their protections from deportation every day that Congress delays. Despite overwhelming support for the clean Dream Act, Congress has yet to take action.

Congress must find a permanent bipartisan solution that protects immigrants with TPS and DACA in order to cement the road toward comprehensive immigration reform that this country badly needs.

Tell your senators: Save the TPS and pass a clean Dream Act. Then, let's get to work on comprehensive immigration reform that puts people first. 844-241-1141

**When you're done making your call: Drop us a note and let us know how it went!  

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