Stay The Course: Pass The Dream Act

If you have not yet weighed in on the issue of legislation aimed at protecting the DACA program, then we urge you to make that call to your senators today.  Encourage friends from outside Texas to do the same. 

Paul Ryan has indicated they have until March to hash out a deal on DACA but Dreamers are losing their status every day and many could start facing deportation as early as March 5th.  Continuing to punt the ball on this is, in itself, a strategy and a very poor one.  There is public support for a deal to be reached - Don't let them run the clock. 

From Daily Action

Tell your senators: The Dream Act and TPS are not bargaining everything in your power to save TPS and pass the Dream Act before January 19.  Use Daily Action's number to contact your senators: 844-241-1141

After months of negotiations, senators reached a bipartisan deal to help Dreamers and pass the Dream Act—an action urgently needed to protect the young immigrants whose lives were thrown into chaos when the President terminated the successful Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in September.

But the President rejected the deal and shut those negotiations down last week—sparking a worldwide backlash over his racist, vulgar, and outrageous response to supporting immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador, and several African countries.

State your position with your senators and make sure friends from other states are doing the same.  Let's get a Dream Act.  844-241-1141 or find your senator's office information here


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