Fight For The Vote In Texas

Let's write to our state legislature and urge them to champion voter rights by supporting much needed updates to our voter registration system in Texas!

Last year, several lawmakers introduced bills on automatic voter registration.  Eligible citizens who interact with government agencies are registered to vote unless they decline, and agencies transfer voter registration information electronically to election officials.  Unfortunately these bills did not get very far.  AVR would increase eligible voter registrations, minimize error, be more convenient and would reduce the chance for true voter fraud. 

For more on AVR, read: Automatic Voter Registration: A Solution to Voter Suppression?
and Get a license, get automatically registered to vote.

Bills that were introduced last session in Texas related to automatic voter registration:
HB 70 - Representative Ryan Guillen [D], Representative Ina Minjarez [D]
HB 3327 - Representative Shawn Thierry [D]
SB 147 - Senator Sylvia Garcia [D]
SB 186 - Senator Carlos Uresti [D], Senator Kirk Watson [D]
SB 231- Senator Jose Menendez [D], Senator Kirk Watson [D]

Click HERE to send a message to your state rep and state senator telling them you support this reform and want to see it brought up again in 2019!