To Your Senator: Reject Concealed Carry Reciprocity

The concealed carry reciprocity bill cleared the House yesterday and now goes to the Senate where we hope it will be met with some opposition.  

"The House approved a bill on Wednesday that would ease legal restrictions for carrying concealed firearms across state lines – a move pushed by the National Rifle Association that comes just weeks after mass shootings in Las Vegas and Texas.

On a mostly party-line vote, the measure easily passed, 231-198, although 14 Republicans voted no. Six Democrats voted for the so-called reciprocity measure, which would allow a gun owner with the proper permit in any state to carry a concealed firearm to another state where it is also legal."

For more, read: House Passes Bill To Allow 'Concealed Carry' Across State Lines

We urge you to contact your senator, whatever state you're in, to urge them to reject this dangerous NRA backed bill.  While our own senators from Texas support it (Cornyn has companion legislation on this bill), we will be contacting our senators to voice our dissent!

For more, read: One Month After Texas Church Shooting, House Republicans Vote To Expand Gun Rights

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