Protect Net Neutrality

The FCC is scheduled to vote on December 14th as to whether to repeal the net neutrality policy that says all ISPs should treat content equally.  Internet providers can't block, or engage in paid prioritization—"fast lanes" for sites that pay, and slow lanes for everyone else.

Who stands to win with the repeal of net neutrality?  Cable companies.  Companies like Comcast and Time Warner Cable, among others.  Proponents of the repeal argue that this "restores Internet freedom" but only if you're Team Cable.  Net neutrality protects our content and protects Internet users.  Net neutrality is Internet freedom. 

The repeal of net neutrality stands to hurt small businesses as well - the repeal carries with it the possibility of providers raising internet costs to levels small businesses can't sustain.  For more, read: How repealing net neutrality could hurt small Texas businesses

See this Last Week Tonight with John Oliver segment on net neutrality:

To take action to protect net neutrality and contact your MoC, visit Battle for the Net here:

The FCC has rejected repeated calls from some 28 senators to delay the vote - call your senator to urge them to add their voice and keep applying pressure!  John Cornyn and Ted Cruz support the repeal so call their offices and let them know where you stand!

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