Local Action: Stand with Austin Justice Coalition

In support of Austin Justice Coalition and the Austin community, we have urged members of Austin City Council to vote against the ineffective and costly police union contract that will come up for a vote this afternoon at city hall. It is necessary that the City of Austin utilize this moment to work for meaningful accountability and transparency in law enforcement so that we can pave the way for safer communities and a better line of trust and communication.

A few links for you below: 
#Calltoaction from AJC to contact your council member and tell them to vote no: 

If you can, join AJC and other groups down at Austin City Hall this afternoon at 3pm: https://www.facebook.com/events/181427989082159/

See AJC's reports on the police union contract and AJC's community priorities for Austin police meet & confer: https://www.austinjustice.org/reports