Take Part In A #BorderWeekOfAction

We're sharing the call to action this week from Lower Rio Grande Valley Sierra Club:

Contact your congress reps and senators this week to weigh in on these issues related to any potential border wall.

  • militarization and a smart wall will not produce safer border communities
  • the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge becomes collateral damage in the wake of any wall and we oppose this.
  • land that is privately owned by Texans is also at risk with any plans to build a wall.
  • rather than a meaningless beefed up border wall, our Congress could be focusing on passing a clean DREAM act and working towards effective immigration reform.
  • we need to remind our members of Congress that wasteful spending and trumped up technology are not useful in border communities that are already safe. 

See the image below from LRGVSC with specific talking points for each day of the week!  Double up tomorrow (Tuesday) so that you're caught up for the weeklong call to action and can keep going!