Taking Steps: Gun Legislation

There are a number of things you can get done today, Texans!

* Senator Amy Klobuchar, from Minnesota, has introduced legislation that would close a loophole that enables domestic abusers to access guns.  This bill would also prevent stalkers from having guns.

Seems very common sense/good practice, right?

Contact your Senator and urge them to support this bill - S. 1539

For more, read: Domestic Abusers Are Barred From Gun Ownership, but Often Escape the Law

* Senator John Cornyn is also planning to bring forth a bill that would strengthen the background check system.  See the Statesman article HEREYou can contact his office to push him to stay the course and contact Senator Cruz as well to urge him to sign on. 

* Happening at the state level, Rep Jason Villalba (of Dallas) has come forward requesting a Commission on Gun Violence to study the issue here in our state and recommend “common sense gun control reforms."  

For more, read: Villalba calls for Texas commission to recommend ‘common sense gun control’
Contact your state rep and tell them you support this move.

It's time to start taking steps forward for better policy in the future!

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