Fighting Gun Violence

Our hearts go out to the people in Sutherland Springs, TX who were victims of a mass shooting in their church.

We know that we are not doing all that we can as a nation to fight the rampant gun violence in this country.  We know that since the mass shooting that just occurred in Nevada only a month ago there has been an egregious lack of movement in Congress on sensible legislation or policy that might prevent such attacks in the future. 

This must end.  Call your Representative and ask them this simple question: 
What's your plan to stop mass shootings?  

Really.  It's that simple.  Anyone in Congress should be examining this problem and anyone running for Congress needs to also be examining this problem because enough is enough.  No more needless death at the hands of a gunman bent towards devastation.  We need people from the top on down who are committed to working for safer communities - this goes for state and local officials too.  If the ones in place aren't willing to...then we need to vote in the ones who are.   

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