Don't Forget The #DreamAct

From Daily Action:

Yesterday, Donald Trump insulted America's immigrants yet again in a Twitter attack on Senator Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. They were set to discuss with him a way of passing the bipartisan, popular Dream Act, a fix to the mess Trump created when he ended the DACA program. But after Trump equated immigrants with criminals—again—and said no deal was possible, they pulled out of the meeting.

His insults are bad, but his attacks are worse—and his decision to end DACA threatens millions of Dreamers and their families.

But Congress can act—by passing the Dream Act before Christmas. And there's bipartisan momentum. Yesterday, even the first Republican member of Congress said he'd vote against any spending bills that don't include a DACA fix. Call your representative today and ask them to insist on a clean Dream Act now—on its own or as part of the end-of-year spending bills. 844-241-1141

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