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Texas progressive action network 2018

Year In Review.


Texas Progressive Action Network kicked off in January of 2017 and formally incorporated in August of the same year.
Below you will find a quick review of our efforts as we round out 2018. We will also take a look at the work we hope to do going forward into the new year.


Mobilizing In Voter Education And Outreach.

Texas Progressive Action Network (TPAN) is a nonpartisan voter rights advocacy organization first and foremost.

One of our objectives for 2018 was to get connected with other Texas voters and talk about our rights at the polls as well as the nuts and bolts of the Texas voter ID law. Making sure that we were doing our part to get accurate and current information to voters in time for November midterms was a chief goal for TPAN’s formation.
We focused our direct efforts in Seguin, El Paso and Harlingen. There we traveled to present, meet with individuals and groups and in the case of Harlingen, we canvassed as part of general “get out the vote” efforts as well.

Utilizing social media, we also created educational video material intended to both address the status of the state’s voter ID law + what it means for voters this November AND to help voters remember important dates pertaining to Election Day 2018. We also created our Voter Hub which serves to provide every resource we could find for Texas voters in one easy to browse page. It is updated routinely.

In the weeks ahead, we will release a series of video material and social media graphics as part of our Voter To Voter campaign - a get out the vote effort intended to motivate Texans to the polls by featuring their fellow voters’ own rallying cries.

In the lead-up to October 9th we have organized 4 voter registration drives.


kicked off our voter outreach efforts and tracked national issues



continue our work in voter rights advocacy and prioritizing work before the 86th texas Legislative session

The National + The Local.  

Along with voter rights advocacy, TPAN strives to be a champion for good policies that serve Texas.

We have continued the work of tracking policies that affect everyone in the United States as well as highlighting the positive and negative impacts of such policies on our home state. We have also worked to get involved on local issues and advocate for our immediate community.

In addition to disseminating calls to action on the border wall, healthcare, gun violence, the 2020 Census, criminal justice reform and many others, in 2018 we also sought to be stronger advocates on immigration reform. It is our intention to build partnerships with other organizations focused on better immigration policy that supports our communities in Texas and across the nation.

TPAN prioritized redistricting reform in 2018 joining a coalition of groups working to address the significant impacts of gerrymandering and to develop solutions that would revamp the way Texas draws its voting districts - Fair Maps Texas. Our goal within this coalition is to mobilize ground support for reforming this broken process, that we may take back the full power of our votes.

One of the local (Austin, TX) efforts TPAN supported in 2018 was the public financing program known as Democracy Dollars. Equity Austin is a coalition of groups rallying around this cause to change the way money impacts our elections at a local level. It is our hope to see this initiative put on a ballot in the near future so that Austin voters can weigh in as well.


Immigration Advocacy

2019 will be a year of even louder advocacy on behalf of our immigrant communities - Texas is home.


Fair Maps Texas

A nonpartisan reform effort aimed at fixing the broken redistricting system in Texas.

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Equity austin

A public financing program that gives everyone a voice in their local elections and campaigns.


calls to action on national, local and state issues

Looking Ahead In 2019 - Join Us. 

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TPAN is currently focused on getting out the vote in the 2018 November midterms. We know that in order for democracy to thrive the people must engage in the process. We must show up. Every time. Every vote.

We will continue reaching out to voters as the October 9th voter registration deadline approaches to make sure Texans are ready to vote. We will continue to push our message that voting is power.

With 2019 on the horizon, we will also be seeking volunteers to participate in bill tracking for the 86th Texas Legislative Session. We will require Texans willing to spend some of their spare time focused on a key issue they’re passionate about so that we can support the legislation that addresses that need. We will build partnerships with groups working on the issues we care about so that we can continue to be the best advocates we can be, while mobilizing others to do so as well.

TPAN is a small, volunteer led organization. The funds we receive go right back into voter materials and resources that we put together for Texans. We take great pride in the small dollar donations we occasionally receive from people just like you who want to push for change. People who want to push for a Texas more representative of the people who call her home.

Join us today!


Join The Fight.